Monday, June 15, 2009

Latest Update

Some things have changed after the meeting last night.
In attendance were myself, Amanda Tumblin, Julie (Fregeau) Fieldgrove, and Summer LaBrecque.
We decided on a location - Senor Pepe's Mexican Restaurant (formerly Red Pepper) in Rosedale. They have a gorgeous patio that seats 120, and they are giving us a discount because I have known the owners for 15 years.
Because of this, we feel comfortable lowering the ticket price from $50 per person, to $30 per person.
In the beginning, those in attendance at the first meeting may recall, we had ideas of renting a hotel banquet room or a local museum, having a DJ, dancing, etc. With the slow flow of interest, and commitment, along with the current state of our economy (which effects us all in one way or another) we felt that this option is much more realistic for our class at this time.
Senor Pepe's has MUCH to offer us at a great price. We will have a buffet of 2 items from the menu, rice & beans, salad, and soft drinks. There is an outside bar in the patio area as well. It will be a no host bar. There are heaters, and the patio is completely covered. They also have a projector and screen (for slideshow) and sound system available to us. Also, for those interested in dancing and a DJ, at 10pm they have a club party.
Lots more information to come in the near future as more details come together. We do need a few things from all of you now though:
1. Please, please, tell your friends to send in their information or you send it in for them. We are still missing around 200 classmates! I will be posting a blog soon with names. We plan to mail out an official invitation as well as other information in the beginning of July.
2. We need to start collecting photos for the slideshow. If you have any that you'd like to share, you can either email them to me here or upload them to our photobucket site.User name - drillers1999 password reunion
3. Buy your tickets! Even though we've found a great location at a great rate we still need cash flow to make this reunion fabulous! The PayPal button on our reunion blog is adjusted accordingly. If you are uncomfortable paying online then please let me know and I will give you an address where you can mail a check or money order.
As always if you have any comments, concerns, suggestions, info, etc. please let me know!
Katie {Lopez} Gago

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