Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Date Has Been Set!!!

We had our first reunion planning meeting last night and with 7 ladies in attendance we set a date!!!

We chose Saturday, October 24 because it is the day after BHS' homecoming game. We've arranged with the school to have a section of seats roped off for our class and our admission will only be $2 each. This will be a fun, family friendly, addition to our reunion weekend.

The location and time of the reunion have still NOT been determined. If you have an suggestions or opinions please share them, either via email or in the comments section on this blog.

We set the cost at $50 per person. This will go to cover all mailings, dinner, music, and other fun things that we will have planned. In a week or two we will have a link on this blog to a Paypal account. You will also have the option of mailing a check, just send an email for the address. There is not one set right now but there will be a deadline in place when the cost per person will go up. We need to have money coming in well before the reunion so that we can secure our location and other rentals.

Also at the meeting we split up the class list. Out of 274 names listed in our senior yearbook, we have only heard from about 60. Send in your info! Send in your friend's info! We need phone #s, mailing address, AND email addresses.

Today we sent out an evite (that link will take you to it). If you didn't get one it is because your email address is not on our list! We are using this evite as an informal head count of people that may or may not be interested in attending the reunion.

If you are interested in attending future planning meetings please let us know!

As always, KEEP SPREADING THE WORD and feel free to send any comments, suggestions, or information to the reunion email address at drillers1999@hotmail.com or here on the blog. You do not have to have a blogger account to leave comments.

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